The age makes our body gets weaker and prone to disease. One of the diseases is Lumbago, it is basically pain can not be avoided if we had turned up. Back pain occurs due to the inability of our bodies to withstand the load weight is too heavy, so muscles and joints we were not able to hold it.
Most ancient suffered back pain in people who have advanced age, but today’s young age was a lot of experience. Due to the food consumed in the current era is not as healthy as the food consumed in antiquity. Besides pain too many causes. The cause of it including the following.



Waist disease can also occur in a collision or accident of motor vehicle indirectly you do not fall but withstand the load of the vehicle body and thus can cause a shift in the spine and also suffered strained muscles.

Shifting muscles

Shifting muscle usually, happens when you exercise such as swimming and gymnastics it can happen because you do not warm up first. So the muscles are as yet ready to do everything related to excessive force.
Those are some things that are above that can cause back pain can occur. It would be nice if you are in any activities which are quite heavy. You should be prepared to anticipate all the worst thing that will happen. To prevent these bad things. We already below summarizes the measures of prevention that can cause back pain.
Avoid smoking, Eat nutritious and healthy foods are also highly recommended to always exercise and Do not push yourself when you’re a fairly heavy activity or are carrying a heavy load.
To cope with back pain are also many ways that you can take one of them is by consuming traditional herbal medicine. Many traditional herbal medicines available that can be utilized and can be if the natural way. Below are provided some herbal remedies that can be as an alternative. For more details, please refer to the following explanation.

Gout leaves

Prepare gout leaves 1 to 5 grams and 1 tablespoon whiting. After that, the two materials are mixing them into a container. Apply the mixture gets a waist that was sick but if you are a woman who is pregnant is strictly forbidden to apply gets stomach.

Roots Flower Pagoda

Prepare 4 cups water that has been cooked and then also prepare roots 30-90 grams of the dried flower pagoda. After that boil roots pagoda flower with water that had been prepared as described above and wait until the water is reduced to about 2 cups. After that strain the cooking water and wait until the water is warm. Then consume 2 times a day 1 cup.

Thus the list of traditional medicines that can be utilized to cure lumbago. If the treatment by consuming herbal medicine as described above can not heal the pain that is suffered, we suggest that you consult a doctor immediately to prevent excessive risk. Hopefully, the discussion presented above can be helpful and useful for you. For criticism and constructive suggestions for a better future in the menu please enter a comment that has been provided below.

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