Most women who’ve grown certainly will menstruate or can be referred to menstruation. Most women are basically every time menstruation will certainly experience pain, it usually can interfere with activities every day. Pain in menstruation occurs due to contraction of a wall of the uterus that causes blood vessels arises pinched. This is what causes the pain.
Menstrual pain in women is very painful, It can make a woman very sensitive and irritable. Various ways they take to heal, from how to use the medication from a doctor or by consuming a herbal medicine or natural. Medicinal herbs are very good for treating menstrual pain Because herbal medicine is natural and does not use any chemicals.


Well, if you are currently confused in treating menstrual pain you experience, do not worry because at this time we’ll share a little about the various ways to overcome menstrual pain, For more details, please refer to our explanation as below.

Drinking Turmeric Acid

Turmeric acid is classified as a traditional medicine ingredient commonly found our environment, this traditional medicine is widely consumed in ancient times and there are still many people consume. The drug is very effective in treating menstrual pain. For how to make the dregs turmeric with a little added water, then squeeze the grated turmeric after dregs results had to be taken juice. Once the juice is ready and then add sugar and tamarind then boil until boiling. Once cooked remove the cooking and wait until the cooking water is warm, after that please you took in the warm.

Compress With Warm Water


Compressing the bottom with warm water is also very helpful for pain during menstruation, How easy is a way to prepare warm water and a towel then soak towel in warm water then towel that has Give up earlier paste into the lower abdomen, This is what can make the circulation blood will run smoothly and can make abdominal muscles become more relaxed and allow the pain can be reduced.

Enough rest

This greatly helps to reduce pain during menstruation, way enough rest around 8 hours of sleep, This is what can neutralize pain during menstruation. Do not make the excessive activity if you are in a condition to anticipate menstrual pain can occur.
The above methods can be used if the solution you are experiencing pain during menstruation. Actually, there are many ways that can be done to relieve menstrual pain, way above the existing lot is mostly done some. If the suggestions of ways as described above have not been successful in relieving menstrual pain, you’d better be consulting a doctor fears there anything else that could cause such pain.
Thus tips on how to heal our painful menstruation from which we can say if there is one word or discussion that is less clearly understood. please for your comments and suggestions you can write on the menu existing comments below. Hopefully, this discussion can helpful for you and we would like to thank very much has been on our site.

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