Toothache is pain located in the area around the teeth and jaw, According to experts, dental pain is a mild symptom of a symptom of heart disease and stroke. So do not ever underestimate your toothache and should you need to quickly to treat and overcome.
Most people who experience tooth pain will impact on headaches, irritability, and also can not be concentrated in a case. The occurrence of tooth pain can be caused by the rottenness of the teeth, tooth decay and gum disease that occurs in.
Another cause of a toothache is the buildup of bacteria which over time will cause damage and rottenness of a tooth. it should we should be diligent to care for and clean your teeth if you want to avoid the pain caused by a toothache.
Most people attempt to treat a toothache by means of rinsing with warm water with a little salt, the actual treatment can not produce a perfect cure because many things have happened to such treatment makes the pain will increase.
According to the information, we get to treat a toothache how good you can choose traditional medicines in advance and carried out regularly in order to treat a toothache. Below we already provide references traditional medicine that you can take, please refer to the following explanation.


Betel leaves and cloves

For how treatment Boil the two ingredients above, then wear to rinse it several times and try to do on a regular basis. Material from cloves and betel leaf can you look for near home or you can buy them in the market.

Coconut oil

For how treatment first set up coconut shells that you have prepared and simply to burn until the oil out. Use a cotton swab to take the oil and stick it on the tooth that is experiencing pain. But when posted on gear you will definitely experience the surprise and the reaction of the medicine will be fairly rapid, pain in the tooth will be lost in a relatively short time.


For how to make it and treat it just peeled beforehand 1 garlic granules are then pounded until smooth Once the garlic finely the onion please attach to the outside of the tooth was ill. As for the second way you can prepare 1 garlic granules that have been peeled and please the onion you mash a few minutes and then discard the onion of the mouth and the bacteria in the tooth will die so that a toothache could in a short time experience healing.

Clove oil

For how to prepare clove oil treatment and used in a manner that is dripped onto the tooth was ill and could also be a way to use cotton method means attached to the tooth. after doing it please waits for approximately 30 minutes until the pain is missing then please you to gargle with warm water enough.

Tamarind seeds

How to make fried the tamarind seeds without oil after it crushed the beans until smooth, refined After please enter the seeds that have been refined into a clean cloth after rub-rub the sore tooth and gets perforated by means slowly.


Prepare Sunflowers around 50 grams and then about 5 grams of ginger and also the clear water of 600 ccs. Once the material is ready Please you boil sunflower and ginger into the water that had been prepared over the water and boil till boiling. After the approximately ripe drink, the water while to rinse with water situation is still warm.

Castor beans

Puree 1 item castor beans china by means of ground and enter into a glass of water that is still hot then stir until evenly distributed and then strain the water and wait until the water in cold conditions, after the water has been cold use it to rinse until you find all the parts that are aching tooth rinse water can reach.

Hot tea

This method is very easy to prepare, the trick is to prepare water tea without sugar use it to rinse up many times and try water gargle until it can reach all parts of the tooth was sick until about 15 minutes until you feel comfortable and pain can reduce.

Clove leaf

Prepare leaves clove then wash it until the leaves are clean then brewed the leaves with a glass of warm water after that prepare cloth to wrap the clove leaves which have been separated by the water in the cup and then knead the existing fabric leaves cloves into an empty glass, thereafter prepare cotton and paste them on the water squeeze results are then pasting it into cavities.

Cayenne pepper

Prepare cayenne chili crush then the too smooth, smooth prepare after hot water for to mix. Once mixed, prepare cotton for water mix with chili paste mentioned to the tooth that is ill or in the cavities are sick.


Prepare the lemongrass to 40 grams and boil the lemongrass into the water to boil the cooking water after completion diminish use to gargle to reach all parts of the teeth that are sick and should use this method without until healed.
We recommend avoiding the most painful thing that a toothache you should brush your teeth as often as possible for fitting morning noon and wanted to sleep, because during sleep usually bacteria or germs on the teeth will experience rapid development. So basically do not forget to brush your teeth.
From the above medicine can be used as an alternative medicine to relieve pain in the teeth and if the medicine as described above can not cure a toothache on you should please you to go to the doctor as the last alternative you should do.

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Similarly, the information we can provide to you with the hope that discussion can be useful and helpful and if there is one word and the information we present is incomplete or unclear we apologize profusely.

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