Olive oil is very popular with the myriad of benefits contained therein. One of them is that it can be utilized for the health sector as well as for the beauty industry. Olive oil also is said to have benefits to expel the jinn or spirits that exist within our bodies.
With so many benefits found in olive oil, Makes a lot of people or large companies looking for him. Because now a lot of companies are using Olive Oil to be a cosmetic beauty. Due to the content contained in the olive oil extract contained chemicals such as triacylglycerol which is a saturated fatty acid to the type of omega 9.
Levels of omega 9 contained in olive oil about 55-83% contained in the total fatty acids. It is very good for our bodies because of the fat manifold monounsaturated fats. So the risk of the oxidized body less when compared to omega 6 and omega 3. Other Ingredients also include Vitamin E that can serve in the beauty industry such as providing nutrients from the outside to take care of the hair.


Various benefits contained in Olive Oil for our lives in terms of health and beauty. For more details, please refer to the following explanation.

How to Taking Care of Skin With Olive Oil

The leather has basically really meant a lot to support the appearance better, Because of the age certainly will have wrinkles and skin becomes dry. To overcome this we have to perform a routine maintenance and diligent. One of the things that we must undertake by way of applying olive oil regularly at bedtime. Usability by means of greasing the olive oil into the skin that can make our skin feel tight, fresh, smooth and of course also be soft.

How To Overcome Oily With Olive Oil

Oil also is able to make believe ourselves to be declining, It was basically very upset. Steps to be taken by way of Who are olive oil and sandalwood powder, Make the material into a mask. Then rub on the mask gets face evenly and wait up to 15 minutes. If you have already wiped the face with warm water after it was returned wash your face with cold water to anticipate the dirt can enter your back gets a face.

How to Take Care, Hair With Olive Oil

Here is basically a crown that is very valuable for our lives, so it is good we should keep our hair completely. Steps need to be prepared to care for hair that is ready your empty containers and also set up two eggs and pour the eggs into a container which is provided continuously shake-shake until evenly distributed. Then add one cup of olive oil in the container earlier. When you applied the already mixed please go to the root of your hair and wait up to 10 minutes and then wash it with shampoo former until your hair without stain.

How to Taking Care of Your Health With Olive Oil

Health is very important for our lives. One way to maintain health that is by using olive oil as a substitute for cooking oil as we would cook. It will be very beneficial for our health in the future. Because the olive oil content can maintain or heal our body from various diseases to be harmful. Please, if you want a healthy life to consume olive oil as a substitute for cooking oil.

That’s some of the benefits of olive oil, it may be enough that I can just talk. Actually, there are many benefits of olive oil. So it would be nice if you love with your body simply consume olive oil for everyday life. Surely your life will be better than the previous Leigh. If the above discussion is no less obvious words or wrong in writing. Criticism and constructive suggestions, please enter in the comments field below that have been provided.

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