Coconut oil turns out to have various benefits for the skin, Here are the benefits of using coconut oil on your face as a night treatment.


Benefits Of Applying Coconut Oil On Face
Coconut Oil To Tighten Skin

Coconut oil is also very good skin tightening for adults who are starting to experience aging. How to use it by applying a little coconut oil after a shower every night to the face that began to wrinkle. Do every day to produce a toned face with a short time.

Coconut Oil for Dry Skin Conditions

If you suffer from a dry skin condition, use coconut oil as a moisturizer at night. Because coconut oil contains a ton of Vitamin E, which works to repair and hydrate damaged skin. How to use coconut oil drops on your body as needed.

Coconut Oil to Overcome Acne

Coconut oil has a lot of antibacterial compounds, but it can also be a risk of clogging pores. Thus, we recommend the use of coconut oil that is often done on those who have acne prone skin. How to use it, Simply massage a few drops of coconut oil onto your face before going to bed and finish.

Coconut Oil to Brighten Face Skin

Coconut Oil also has the benefits to Brighten Face Skin, just apply a little coconut oil to all parts of the face every night. By doing this 2 times a week, your skin will look brighter than usual. Avoid using coconut oil in the morning or during the day because if exposed to dirt or pollution, the pores on the face have a clogged possibility that can produce acne

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